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Hey, recently I did several courses about leadership and conflict management, because that is the best way to earn more money for someone who is not that skilled in stuff like coding. Oh… and of course it could make me a better colleague! I thought, why not sharing some of my notes about that here?

In this article I reflect on the five stages of team development, because my personal experience matches this concept in a frightening way. How to approach these emerging conflicts in a team? I also put some of my notes in this article. Curious what you think… should I share more of these things?

Analytics webinar in October (German)

I’m very proud to announce that there will happen a German webinar at newsaktuell academy this year, which you can book now. It will basically condense what I put into my Udemy course, including a discussion afterwards.

Although the topic sounds very technical, the webinar will also contain several leadership aspects, when it comes to inspiring others to use analytics. I’m looking forward to the discussions!


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1 month ago

Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!