Measuring success – 2 things I recently learned

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Hey, I’m still trying to figure out how to set good goals in communications. Because with well defined goals, reporting and analysis should be easy.

But there are a few challenges when it comes to goals in communications. Comms is a complex system and we often tend to measure something in the nth degree of seperation of a goal and then say it’s a key performance indicator. This is why I want to share with you things I recently learned about measuring success. It’s basically that metrics should serve decisions and need to be reviewed regularly. Read the blog post.

How to get your sanity questioned with one post

In the work Slack the link to the viral post generator was shared. Cool thing. Just put in a few keywords, set the cringe level and press enter.

My post didn’t go viral but hey, I got a few likes and comments. Thing was on the next day one of my colleagues asked me if everything is alright or if I want to talk about something. So although I got a few LinkedIn engagements, I cannot fully recommend the viral post generator.


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