How to give data more context (eBay Deutschland example)

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Hey {name}, last Friday I attended the Microsoft Barcamp about internal communication called #HeartsAndMinds and gave a short presentation about how data is useless, without adding some context.

I picked eBay Deutschland as an example because someone from that company was part of the opening panel and I obviously wanted to draw attention. This is basically the same reason why I put the talk in a blog article and share it now in this newsletter. So I hope you read it!!

I’m co-hosting comprimiert, audio short stories about peoples’ learnings

In my last newsletter I asked you to send me interesting projects and success stories for a new media project I am working on, together with Paula and Finn & Jonas from nirgend.

And now we finally launched the project with the first of your stories! Check out Paula’s tweet to learn more about comprimiert and how we share your learnings about successful projects as short audio stories.

Please hit me up on Twitter with a remarkable success story by yourself, your company or a friend, if you also want to be featured in comprimiert!


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